Manitoba Education Property Tax Credit

Manitoba's Education Property Tax Credit

Sunday Oct 18th, 2020


Manitoba's Education Property Tax Credit


Education Property Tax Credit
In Winnipeg (and much of Manitoba), property taxes are amongst the highest. The main reason is because almost half the municipal property tax bill is education property taxes! 

Manitoba does provide an “Education property tax credit” (EPTC). This is a $700.00 tax credit for homeowners and tenants to offset occupancy costs of property tax for homeowners and 20% of rent for tenants. This used to be automatic when you purchase a home, but it has since changed so that you must now apply for it after you’ve finalized your home purchase.
EPTC can only be claimed once per year and against the principal residence. Keep an eye out on your annual property tax bill and if the EPTC does not show up ($700), you can still claim it through your personal income taxes. 
There is a form, the EPTCSD-FORM-244, to make sure you get reimbursed on your property taxes. For those who have just purchased a home,  the deadline is March 15 to apply in Winnipeg. It can be downloaded through the website.
Credit: Gord Steeves, AVS LAW LLP - Thanks for the great tip!

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