Wonderful Local Products made right here in Manitoba 

With so many wonderful local products made here in Manitoba its easier than ever to buy local.  Especially when the products are so unique and delicious.  Here are just a few of the amazing products that my family loves and I think yours will too!!


Bothwell Cheese- If you love cheese this is a must try! With a ton of flavours to try Original Bothwell Cheese has a flavour for everyone and every occasion.  You can shop all of their products in their store in New Bothwell or if you are not looking to venture outside of Winnipeg you can check out the local stores that carry their products listed on their website. https://www.bothwellcheese.com

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods-Not only is Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seeds a Manitoba Made product they are the world’s largest manufacturer to grow, make and sell hemp food products…now that’s impressive! With a wide variety of different hemp products such as hemp hearts, hemp oil, hemp protein powders and the list goes on and on there is no reason not to give these nutritious and delicious products a try. They have a great website full of facts on hemp products and delicious recipes to try out their products in. https://manitobaharvest.com

Morden’s of Winnipeg-Located right here in Winnipeg is Morden’s of Winnipeg.  The Morden family has been making chocolates here in the city since 1959.  Some of their most popular items are chocolate covered Ju Jubes, chocolate covered ginger and their incredible melt in your mouth Russian Mints.  Although with just a short drive to their factory/store front on 674 Sargent Ave, you can try out all of their amazing products for yourself and they are guaranteed to become a new family favourite very quickly! https://www.mordenschocolate.com


Gorp- Made just a short drive from Winnipeg in Niverville, Manitoba. GORP is made with all natural ingredients, these energy bars are a great choice for the whole family.  New to their product list is their Energy Bar Ready Mix, an easy solution to on to go snacks.  These are perfect for lunches, after school snacks and the reusable bag makes them a perfect solution for a delicious and nutritious road trip snack.  https://gorpworld.com





Winkler Meats- Since 1964 Winkler Meats has been providing Manitoba with quality meat products.  One of their more popular products is their traditional, naturally smoked farmer sausage.  Great addition to any meal and will surely become a favourite in your house.  Winkler Meats also makes a variety of other products including bologna, smoked turkey products, garlic sausage, gluten free products and many more.  For a list of all of their products and where you can purchase them here in Winnipeg check out their website. https://www.winklermeats.ca/home



Smak Dab Gourmet Mustards- I am sure not too many people don’t have at least one bottle of mustard in their fridge at home, why not spice up that plain old bottle of yellow mustard by replacing it with a bottle of Smak Dab mustard made right here in Winnipeg!  With a variety of fun new mustards to try they are perfect on a sandwich, sub, wrap, in a meat marinade or perfect to create something new and give it your own fun twist.  Who doesn’t need a good mustard in their lives! https://www.smakdab.ca